At What Point Do You Get Excited About Your Hotel Stay?

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I was asked today when in the process I get excited about my hotel stays. As soon as I book, when I’m leisurely looking through pictures of the property before I arrive, when I pack a bathing suit, pull up to the front door, when I sink down into the fancy bed or see the view from the windows.

Each property is different, obviously depending on whether I’ve stay there before or not and whether it is just a functional stay for work or a vacation. For the sake of the discussion I’ll stick with holiday stays for now.

If I haven’t been there before I usually get thrilled by just looking at the hotel’s pictures or reading about what the hotel has onsite. Sometimes I spend a ridiculous amount of time researching information about the Chef, the pools, the proximity of sightseeing landmarks, specifics on the different room types, etc. I’m also a bit silly that I eagerly await even the smallest things like a specific food, bathtub or view.

At the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, for me there’s a rush of excitement as soon as I book since I’ve stayed there before and had great experiences, but it really hits me right when I’m walking through the front doors. I smell their signature Blaise Mautin perfumed scent, enjoy the warm welcome from the staff and look forward to sleeping in their luxurious beds, enjoying the fantastic breakfast, and being in a great location for sightseeing.

Here’s a quick video of my recent excited walk into the entrance of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, past the concierge desk, viewing the breakfast room on the left, seeing the check-in desks, a courtyard, and the lobby complete with cozy fireplace. The only thing that’s missing is the perfume!

Click here for Park Hyatt video

So now it’s your turn, at what point do you get excited about your hotel stays?

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  1. Deby

    I get excited at the planning. And having just left the Vendome, I want to go back !

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