Hotels on Airbnb Plus 31 Days of Giveaways – Day 16

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Just about all travelers have heard of Airbnb by now, the go-to site for finding alternative accommodations other than hotels worldwide.

Things change though, and Fast Company reports that some hoteliers are now advertising on Airbnb.

According to the article, third-party booking sites like Expedia and charge hotels a percentage per reservation that ranges between 10 and 25 percent. That’s pretty high.

In contrast, Airbnb charges a paltry 3% commission. The math makes the decision an easy one for some smaller boutique hotels with smaller margins to begin with, and Airbnb is more than happy to have the listings.

Examples of hotels on Airbnb include The Guesthouse Hotel in Chicago, The budget-conscious Sea Rock Inn hotel in Los Angeles, mystery dinner venue The Lumber Baron Inn in Colorado, Brooklyn’s trendy The Box House Hotel, and The Riff in Manhattan.

Competition is good for consumers, and Priceline even listed Airbnb as a competitor in their SEC filings.

Boutique hotel owners are undoubtedly pleased to be able to advertise their properties on a big enough site like Airbnb without having to pay such hefty fees, and they get the added benefit of filling unsold hotel rooms.

It’ll be interesting to see how many more hotels jump over to Airbnb, and how long it’ll be before Expedia will try to buy Airbnb.

To win Magic of Miles swag bag today, leave a comment on this post about Airbnb. Have you heard of it? Used it? If so, would you use it again?

The contest ends at 9pm PST, full contest details are here, and good luck to all!

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  1. marcus

    I have used it once and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.

  2. elizabeth

    I used Airbnb to stay in a retro-airstream in Austin. It was wonderful.

  3. Robin

    I’ll be using it in April!

  4. Tom

    I have not used Airbnb but with the Amex promotion, I will be soon. Very soon

  5. Rick

    Trying out Airbnb for the first time in 3 weeks!

  6. Angela

    Never tried Airbnb before but might do it on my next trip

  7. pmlago

    I’m looking forward to making my first booking with Airbnb

  8. Dan

    I’ve heard of Airbnb, but never used it.

  9. Arnold

    I hope they’ll let us filter out hotels in the results. If I wanted to stay in a hotel, I’d look elsewhere.

  10. TJ

    Never used it, doesn’t take points!

  11. Nathan

    Debating trying Airbnb for the first time in March.

  12. John

    Use Airbnb often. Just used it in conjunction with AMEX offer on our last trip.

  13. Ben

    Airbnb saved me when visiting Boston for a conference – compared to the extortionate convention center rates, an Airbnb was incredibly affordable. Would definitely use again!

  14. JR

    Airbnb is great, especially if several people go in on a place together. It’s easy to use, the reviews seem to be more accurate than those of hotels, and I have yet to be disappointed in any of the places I’ve stayed at so far.

  15. Amy C

    Used it once. I missed the daily housekeeping but loved the extra space.

  16. Denise L

    Have never used Airbnb but may try it in the future.

  17. Amanda

    I have used Airbnb, and I had a good experience. I would use it again!

  18. David

    I have stayed in many B&Bs but never through Airbnb.

  19. Josh

    We used Airbnb in Hawaii, and we would use it again!

  20. Nathan W.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which properties are hotels.

  21. Anita

    I would like to try airbnb but I’m nervous about It. Seen horror stories on news.

  22. Tessa

    Have used it once and liked it!

  23. MJ

    Airbnb likely only a good idea uf you otherwise would need multiple rooms….

  24. Megan

    We used airbnb for a family reunion and it was great!

  25. Kenneth

    Used many times with great success. Love staying in nice condos for less than hotels

  26. Jennifer

    Used them a few times. Getting ready for 2 more condo stays in Philippines next month

  27. belle

    paypay’s coupon for airbnb right now is pretty sweet!

  28. Chris

    Used AirbnB in Edinburgh, Scotland, for two nights during Ryder Cup 2014. Great experience for me as a solo traveler; I’m less likely to use when traveling with family.

  29. j

    Might use it.

  30. Mike

    Haven’t used it but would like to!

  31. Erin B

    I’ve stayed with Airbnb before. My husband and I were able to stay in a cute little bungalow in the Hollywood Hills for a great price! Will definitely use their services again!

  32. Lynn

    Heard of it and have not used it.

  33. Michael H.(oldfox)

    I have not used Airbnb, but I might try it in the future. I like the low booking fee.

  34. Jordan

    used airbnb on our last trip to London, worked great and was cheaper than a hotel.

  35. Kathy

    Yes we use airbnb often and like it.

  36. Mary

    Yes we are fans of airbnb, especially for larger groups.

  37. CnMAZ

    I have not used AirBnB yet but have been interested in trying them for some of the unique properties I have read about.

  38. r hirsch

    never used it

  39. Sherry

    Used airbnb in Barcelona Spain this summer. Wonderful host wonderful experience. Looking forward to using it in Puerto Rico next month!!

  40. Sue

    I will try airbnb for my next vacation.

  41. Clare N

    I haven’t used Airbnb, but with smaller hotels listing now, I’m more likely to give it a try.

  42. Linda

    We’ve used it twice before and had good experiences.

  43. martin

    I find them very good to deal with esp when it counts – in event of a complaint – much better than Expedia ever are.

  44. Rich

    Heard of it
    Have not used it

  45. Dee

    Heard of them, unlikely to use them as I’m points addicted and also not sure how presenting those expenses for work would pan out….

  46. Marilyn B

    Haven’t uses AirBnB yet, but will be looking at them when I start planning my next trip.

  47. Rajee

    I love to use

  48. Gi

    Met up for a reunion of friends at an AirBnB and it worked out well. Will have to try it for myself on a trip.

  49. nbdona

    i will certainly consider it for my next trip

  50. jenny

    I’ve used it and prefer it for rural/vacation houses to city places.

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