Magic of Miles

6 Reasons Why Your Hotel Key Card Stops Working

Checking in to a hotel I typically request 2 keys even when traveling solo. I pride myself on being organized, and whether returning after a quick trip down the street or a long day’s excursion, I proudly pull out my room key card and slide it in the slot without rummaging around in a bottomless […]

Would You Stay at a Hotel That Offered Earplugs?

No one wants to be aware that the guests in the room next door are um. loudly enjoying their hotel stay. Neither do you want to hear someone else’s entire phone conversation, a revving motorcycle from the parking lot below, nor the pounding of little feet and shrieking high-pitched voices from down the hall. After […]

Hyatt’s All In Sweepstakes For 3 Night Stays Plus 100,000 AAdvantage Miles

Hyatt recently set up a photo booth at a mall in So Cal where shoppers could stop by and pose for tropical vacation-themed photos with props. The scenery rotated, which changed the fun virtual “destinations”. Some users were given free flip flops, sunglasses, and beach balls, but three lucky couples were given a trip to […]